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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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was charged with electricity. >> he felt jolt still continuously going through his body. that is when we got the ambulance to come on the scene. >> reporter: who will 427 union president charles carington was on the scene as the worker was taken by medics to hahnemann hospital with non-life threatening injuries after a metal can he was holding, touched the pole. >> well, when i got on the scene he told me he was still feeling yachts coming through his body. electric shock was real bad because it was metal on metal. >> reporter: police sealed off the electrified pole until peco crew is a arrived testing for current and disconnected wire to stop the the flow of electricity. >> would never have have thought that touching a light pole could give you a electrical shock. >> never never, never never thought that would happen to anybody. >> reporter: frank stringfield delivers on the block for pete's pizza nearby says anyone, including children might have touched that pole. >> that could have been a kid with a bike, you know just touched that pole and same thing. >> reporter: when we asked
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peco officials how it could happen, they referred us to city officials saying that the light poles are their responsibility. a streets department spokesperson , e-mailing a report that reads in part we suspect that was a defect in the aging high pressure sodium hps light fixture, these are typically 240 volts. the the spokesperson, adding that in the past decade, the department has replaced more than 5700 aluminum poles with non-conductive fiberglass poles but more than 6,000 metal poles remain now the worker has been released from the hospital, the streets department is telling us that they will be right here tomorrow replacing these lights and poles but coming up at 6:00 whether you see what we have found a short distance down the the street from this pole another one work other potential problems. we will show thaw at 6:00 live from center city, walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news"?
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walt, thank you. breaking news, chopper three over a backyard falling will away in the the delaware river. take a look at this, east front street and florence, burlington county, you see that crumbling ground, a has gotten dangerously close to those two homes. we will keep an eye on. that also, breaking news at 5:00 a school bus with children on board crashes in to a home in burlington county, new jersey. chopper three over lenape court in mount laurel where we're told no children on that bus were hurt but the bus driver did sustain some minor injuries. it is unclear what caused the driver to end up off the road. breaking news right now a disturbing discovery police say a first grader brought bags of heroin to school. "eyewitness news" reporter matt river is live at william cramp elementary in west kensington with exclusive breaking details matt. >> reporter: jessica, we're told that first grader actually showed off those baggies and school officials believed to be heroin during his lunch period to the other students. we are told that some of those other student did the right
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thing, and told school officials about what was happening. the school district says that the first grader brought four small baggies of what they believed to be her when to the lunch period at william cramp elementary school on the 3400 block of north masher. other students saw the young boy showing off the baggies and two of them spoke up. >> we have two other first graders that actually acted quickly and notified adults. one notified a noon time aid that works in the lunchroom and another one notified the program, philadelphia a police officer that was here. >> reporter: student who brought the the drugs to school was taken away by the special victim unit which is now handling the case. school officials said that the student speaking of in the lunchroom was the student and, a letter went home to the parents of the other first graders, saying in part quote that this letter is a reminder to please check your child's school bag every day and remove anything that does the not belong at a school. today one of your child's
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classmates the a first grader brought an item to school that we believe is illegal. we spoke to some parents who received that letter and they were predictably upset. >> if it is a nature, with other kids, what could happen to them. they will be thinking it is kind maybe they will overdose. >> reporter: scary thought to be sure. moving forward and where that first grader was able to get that heroin or supposed heroin. investigation continues into verifying that bag that i child brought to school are indeed heroin and of course from there figuring out where that student was able to get a hold of that illegal substance. live from west kensington, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thanks very much. an underground explosion rocks a busy business district in wayne delaware county. dozens of businesses have been without power all day long along north wayne avenue, since that blast happened last night. our pat ciarrocchi is live in wayne, where crews are still trying to figure out how this
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all happened path path. >> reporter: well, chris, 21 hours ago, this was a chaotic scene, here on north wayne avenue, there was an explosion, glass shattered people were screaming. tonight, we now know that there was damage, but no one was injured. when scott scene of the area looked out the window outside his pizzeria, this is what he he saw, smoke rising, after what sounded like an explosion. >> my first instinct i thought a bomb went off. the building started to shake is how loud it was. i saw a big blast of fire coming from below the street, and everyone started running. >> reporter: right outside was beckea the pizza shop across north wayne avenue. peco say cable caught fire. intense gathering of fumes ignited an explosion. the the floor to ceiling front glass window shattered this was next to the pizza of's
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cross the street. >> i was about to put pizza a in the oven and i heard a big boom and pizza bench shook and i kind of felt right to the bone and core. i looked up and saw smashings. i thought if a bomb exploded. >> after the the first and second explosions, they were like little third and fourth explosions constantly going off, so we just didn't know when it was over. >> reporter: bill connor and his partners own the building that once housed the suburban and wayne times newspaper. the the front, dates back to 1900, and they renovated it and put in four businesses. >> with the explosion the window in the pizza shop was broken, and also damaged down below was a nail salon and we had some electrical equipment down there that was dam aged. >> reporter: so let's look here live, we see backhoes operating here from peco. they are digging up the street to try to get to the bottom of
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exactly how that cable caught fire overnight. when we talked to the owner of the building he did say he had an opportunity to go in and to see, at least that he says, it is absolutely trashed because some of the electrical equipment was pulled off the wall which is the force of the explosion. frank, who owns the pizzeria above is lucky to be alive he told me and today he decided would go outside and play golf. perfect day for. that reporting live from wayne, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pat, thanks very much. well, mother who is accused of abandoning her disable son in the west philadelphia park, should be returning home, very soon. nia parlor waved tradition during a hearing this afternoon in montgomery county maryland. police alleged that she left her quadriplegic son alone in cobbs creek in the cobbs creek park rather so she could visit her boyfriend who lives in maryland. the once she returns to philadelphia parlor faces several charges including attempted murder.
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woman chases down a robbery suspect who ran off with her bag in west philadelphia she jumped in the passenger window of that getaway car as it sped off with her clinging to the side. this all happened last friday at 52nd and cedar streets and police are now asking for public's help to identify the purse snatcher and getaway driver. jurors heard testimony in day one of the sentencing phase for quick boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> they will to have deciding whether he should spent the rest of his life in prison or die. chris van cleve is in south boston. >> reporter: this is dzhokhar tsarnaev prosecutor in a dean pellegrini said as she showed jurors a photo making a crude gesture to the jailhouse camera. she called him unconcerned unchanged, as a government began its case to execute the 21 year-old. tsarnaev was convicted two weeks ago on all 30 counts for april 2013 bombing that killed three people and injured more than 260.
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the the defense team decided to delay their opening arguments until after prosecutors have finished their case. tsarnaev's lawyers are hoping to convince jury that the quick killer deice a life event isens. they have argued throughout he fell under influence of the radicalized older brother but prosecutors say that dzhokhar was a full partner in the terror attacks, they are calling survivors to the stand including celeste corkran watching for her sister to finish the marathon when the first blast went off. she told jurors our whole world just exploded. i just remember hearing blood screams, seeing blood every where, debris falling from the sky. i remember thinking no no, i wanted it to be five minutes ago. this can't be reality. corkran lost both legs and her daughter was badly injured. penalty phase face is expect to last, up to a month. chris van cleve for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is more breaking news now at 5:00 o'clock. the lets take a look at chopper three live over
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levittown, bucks county, where we're told work crews hit a gas line and that is causing a leak. the it is right off of route 13 at levittown parkway a peco crew is there, they are trying to contain leak right now. there are in reports of any injuries or evacuations but route 13 is closed in both directions right now so you want to avoid that at all costs. new at 5:00 o'clock swinging for fences, all to raise awareness about heart disease. >> the phillies hosted the 15th annual home runs for heart media day at citizens bank park. reporter mike din nard owe of the sister station kyw news radio took a few swings out there proceed benefit the the american heart association and it is health in memory of phillies great rich i ashburn. phillies fans will get their chance may fourth and fifth to hit the ball out of the park. ink is barely dry on tim tebow's one year deal with the eagles but his jersey is a hot seller on the teams web site. quarterback plans to wear number 11 on his midnight
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green eagles jersey, it will be a few more weeks before they arrive in stores but there will be a likely a lot of those in the stand this season provided tebow does make the squad. by the the way nfl plans to release all schedules tonight including eagles, we will have that for you later on in our broadcast. vice-president joe biden comes to town where we're live with details of his visit to day 59:30. plus iowa battles an out break millions of chickens, latest victims of the bird flu in the state that produces one out of every five eggs consumed in america. also check your freezer a major ice cream brand is being recalled, that has concerns of list tear, yeah we will tell you what you need to do with that ice cream if you have it. and watch the frantic moment as a bus drives through high water passengers seen scrambling for safety, kathy. in weather we will see something we don't see much around here, thunder showers then a dramatic drop in
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temperature with a major spring cool down, it is all next
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the carnival spirit cruise ship is now stuck in australia sidney harbor due to a powerful storm. the passenger reported cell phone video of the large swells. it will have to ride out the swells until the port reopens in 48 hours. that storm has caused damage across sidney. passengers are sent scrambling when public transit bus drives through high water in houston texas. the water you can see came through the front door of the
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bus and then quickly filled part of the cabin. some people got a little bit wet but in one was her. bus company says their driver was new to the job and instead of phoning into find a detour simply made the wrong decision. well, tonight retailers in 23 states are pulling blue bell ice cream products, and consumers are told not to eat any blue bell ice cream they have at home. >> company issued a volume will try recall for all products after samples tested positive for potentially deadly bacteria listeria. cbs news reporter don champion has more. >> reporter: blue bell recall is rare and sweeping. texas based company voluntarily recalled all of its products late monday after two samples of the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream tested positive for the bacteria listeria. symptoms include fever muscle aches, nausea and diarrhea and it can be deadly. the of move follows weeks of gradual recalls over those
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same concerns. >> we're heart broken over this situation. >> reporter: ceo of the company issued an apology in a video monday night the but admitted that the company does not know how the bacteria got into its facility. >> ice cream is a joy and a pleasure to eat and should never be a cause for concern. >> reporter: some blue bell ice cream products were pulled from major retailers weeks ago after ctc linked the products to three deadly cases to listeria infection in kansas. illness was tracked to the production line in texas and later to a second line in oklahoma. that facility is still closed while officials investigate the source of the bacteria. this morning a blue bell spokesmen assured consumers that the company is determined to fix the problem. >> this is not something we're used to. it is not acceptable for us. we're committed to doing the the right thing. >> reporter: the 108 year-old company says it is expanding its cleaning and sanitizing system and will increase employee training.
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don champion for cbs news. well, we have incredible video to show you up next in our next half an hour. >> dash cam video showing police officers risking their lives to rescue a man from the burning car. and also, still ahead we will tell you why the queen of england was probably hoping that the royal baby, would have been born today. we will be right back.
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well, we made it through our severe weather last night and now is there some more kind of out there on the horizon, kathy orr. >> thunder showers. >> something we do not see a lot around here but we have some cold air aloft moving our way and that will give us potential for some showers tomorrow rumbles of thunder and even maybe a little will pea sized hail. we don't expect that with showers either. we will see observations, from across the delaware valley, courtesy of our weather watchers at bottom of the screen. take a look outside we are looking at a very please apartment day with the mix of sun and a few cloud rolling in, it is windy live neighborhood network shows us current wind gust as cross the region gusting to 38 miles an hour in reading at the airport. dover air force base 38 philadelphia a international airport gusts to 34 this afternoon and cape may courthouse, in middletown ship high school gusting to 33 miles an hour. we have stiff wind out of the west ten to 15 miles an hour sustain. when you have this type of the land breeze temperature fairly
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uniform from west to east even down the shore. reading 62. philadelphia 64. shore points in the 60's. land breeze means 64 in ocean city, 64 in cape may. rehoboth beach delaware enjoying a nice day with high in the 60's. dry conditions and clear skies, these showers are a pop up during the the the day and then during the evening they die down. but there are many more from where these came. look at this a large area of low pressure north of the great lakes dragging down, cold air on the back side in some snow showers through the great lakes believe it or not and likes spokes on the wheel disturbance is moving through with bands of precipitation and much cooler a air, that is going to be moving in. lots talk about those showers when they are diurnal in nature you wait for noon hour for warming of the earth surface, rises cools condenses, cloud form and then we will get afternoon showers forming in the heat of the day and after the sunsets we will
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see decrease in the shower activity. that is what will happen tomorrow afternoon. future rain amounts not much a accumulating a a third of the inch possible in philadelphia, third of an inch in reading, .2 of an inch in dover but timing may land in the afternoon between noon and 1:00 in the lehigh valley progressing in the northern and western suburbs between 1:00 and 2:00. i-95 corridor between two and 3:00. south jersey and delaware lingering between 3:00 and 5:00 and then exiting. now in the wake of the cold air we will be seeing some much cooler conditions. fifty's for thursday, and for friday breezy conditions, and then temperatures struggling by the weekend to make it to 6o overnight will be cool, low 48 high tomorrow 66. and then we have those afternoon thunder showers. as we work through the day we'll chance of rain in the after afternoon. by sunset at 8:00 we will see partly cloudy skies. three day forecast shows a huge drop in temperature temperatures in the 60's tomorrow down to the 50's, thursday and friday, some
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10 degrees we low normal, coming up, we will talk with a spectacular sight in the sky a meteor shower coming our way we will look at the that weekend forecast but for now we will take a short break
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it is a big day for britain's royal family, as queen elizabeth celebrates her eighty-ninth birthday. >> cbs news reporter susan mcginnes or hoping prince william's pregnant wife kate will give them another reason to celebrate. >> ♪ >> reporter: with the brass band, a royal horse parade, and a 41 gun solute britain marked queen elizabeth's eighty-ninth birthday. the the celebration could get much bigger. >> do you think she will be
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born. >> reporter: if prince williams wife cade delivers the the new baby on the queen's special day. >> do you think it might happen today. >> it would be nice for the the queen that would be a mark in history. that will go down in history. >> reporter: will and kate's new baby will be the queen's fifth great grandchild and fourth in line to the british thrown. queen elizabeth is spending her birthday in private with prince philip her husband of 67 years. no doubt counting the hours until her grandson and kate welcome the the new prince or princess. they say chances are ten to one royal baby will come today, if so odd favor a girl named elizabeth. >> we think it is alice. >> i don't know. >> we're not quite sure. >> wait a minute nobody thinks elizabeth. >> reporter: saturday 25th remains the favorite date. >> quite possibly who knows babies come when they want to. >> reporter: for now today remains the queen's day. the yous an mcginnes for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it would have been something.
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>> you are right everyone assumes this is a girl but we don't know. >> i like how they have committed to that in their head. >> yes. >> they are all about that. still to come in our next half an hour a former nazi at auschwitz is on trial. >> why he told the judge he feels guilt over the pennsylvania mass killings but he did not commit any crimes cleve. forgiving kid better places to play and learn to fixing some of the cities worst flooded neighborhoods lots going on in camden during earthquake. i'm cleve bryan. i'll show so of the 27 million-dollar worth of projects a
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i'm chris may. here are some of the day's top stories, for you, first an cbs-3 i team exclusive a worker picking up trash in center city philadelphia is shock, when a metal trash can comes into contact with an electrified light pole. we are told the work are suffered none in life threatening injuries. eyewitness cam video shows smoke billowing in the sky after an underground explosion in wayne delaware county. and underground cable reportedly caught fire last night. crews are still working to restore power to dozens of business, that have been left in the dark. and new eagles quarterback, tim tebow his
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jersey is already a hot seller on the team's web site. tebow will wear number 11. it will be a few weeks before those jersey as live in the stores; kathy. in weather we're talking about windy conditions to end the the evening. thunder showers tomorrow, and a big chill settles in for mid-april and improving weekend conditions. in that seven day forecast. i'll have that later in the forecast. >> kathy, thank you. former nazi at auschwitz is on trial 70 years after the concentration camp was liberated. oscar growning told german judges he shares guilt over mass killings at the the camp but he doesn't feel like he ever committed a crime. mark phillips has the story now from germany. >> reporter: today oscar growning is a nine three-year old man with the dark past that has finally caught up with him. in the war he was a member of the nazi ss assigned to auschwitz. today, it is a 86 year-old woman who is finally get herring day in court. during the war she was a jewish teenager deport todd
5:32 pm
auschwitz where both of her parents were murdered. now in the german court fate has brought oscar growning and the woman together again. he is accused as an accessory to 300,000 murders. >> condemned to death. >> reporter: she as a witness to his crime. >> i cried after my mom and he heard me, turned around. >> reporter: she was one of more than 400,000 hungarian jews deported to auschwitz in 1944 and one of the small percentage chosen for work. her parents were not. >> we just looked at each other and he didn't say a word. i awe her turn and walk away. i was ordered to go to the right. i never saw her again. >> reporter: oscar was not one of those who decide who had would dianne who might live. his job was to confiscate the victims valuables. he was the the bookkeeper, a
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cog in the machine he says. those that pushed for this trial says without cogs, machines do not run. >> nazi guilt goes deeper than suspect. >> reporter: in the past german justice has been contempt to charge only those directly involved in the killing, and when he arrived at the court today he said he expect to be found not guilty. there is an irony in this trial, the defendant has never denied involvement in the nazi's final solution but he has denied his guilt that self-serving fallacy is what will be tested in this trial. mark phillips, cbs news, germany. well incredible dash cabbing video of the man rescued by a fiery crash in texas. >> stay with us. >> come on man. >> you're all right. >> stay with us. >> you're all right. >> those are the voices of texas officers telling that man to stay with them as he shattered a window and removed him from that burning suv. police say that the driver was
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unconscious his clothes were on fire, when they arrived at that scene around 4:00 in the morning on sunday. twenty-five year-old hector velez is being treated for burns and internal injuries. wow. a man clings to the hood of the car while a driver just keeps on driving. police say the driver drove with that man on his car through several pennsylvania communities and this all started in the pitberg suburb of springdale township and it might have stemmed from an argument over a woman. the the driver was arrested and is now facing two counts including aggravated assault. earth week celebrations are underway in camden, "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan has a look at how some students marked the occasion today and how camden is working to be a greener place. >> reporter: painting and happy chatter filled parking lot of camden's york ship family school as students kick off a week of celebrating earth day. >> we have to keep our earth and environment clean and safe >> reporter: they have big bright boxes and pavement that
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led rainwater seep through to replenish the soil. >> one way to make them realize we can make the community, by giving back. >> reporter: thinks one of 17 sites in camden with small scale environmental projects through a community partnership called camden smart. >> to address the issue of storm water management, of air quality, environmental justice. >> reporter: fixing large scale drainage issues in the crammer hill section of camden is part of the 27 million-dollar worth of projects in the camden smart initiative about more than making city greener cleaner but safer and more functional for residents. people who live near vaneta park have dealt with flooding after heavy rain that includes spilt sewage. >> it used to be very, very bad. in my basement, they got flooded about three or four times. >> reporter: now camden is halfway through a five million-dollar effort to fix the drainage. >> by changing this we will be able to provide fields that are free of that type of debris and homes that in
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longer flood in that regard. >> reporter: big or little efforts hopefully add up to a better camden. i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". head of the drug enforcement administration is soon expect to resign. sources tell cbs news that fish he will leonard is on her way out. agency has been hit by scandal in recent years. the just last month agents engaged in sex part is in columbia that were funded by drug cartels. leonard has been the dea administrator since 2007. vice-president yes biden is in philadelphia discussing the new four year energy infrastructure plan. the vice-president toured peco headquarters in center city philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live with those details alex? >> reporter: vice-president also used his visit to discuss a new report released by his administration called the the energy review, it is a bottom line, u.s. may be on top but if we don't update our
5:37 pm
systems we will not stay there. surrounded by a glowing five county grid, vice-president joe biden met with those at the helm of the peco's energy transmission controls. part of the push toward his four year plan to modernized national energy infrastructure which he believes will create jobs, make the the system more resilient to climate change and outages like during super storm candy. >> it involves complex networks, pipelines, storage facilities, above and below ground. so very much more. it is increasingly outdated. >> reporter: vice-president commended upgrade to peco's system which track up to the minute energy usage and will soon provide that fur to customers in real time on line. >> issues that are critical to america's future. >> reporter: mayor nutter join the vice-president along with the u.s. energy secretary ernest bonus who put the issue in simpler terms. >> i know that here in philadelphia you just sign tim
5:38 pm
tea bow and a long ago heisman trophy winner. i just want to say when i think of infrastructure in the sense that quarterbacks win the heismans but the game is won in the line and that is what the infrastructure is all about. >> it goodies good paying jobs for our workers avenue guarding our environment it is about protecting our national security. >> reporter: part of the 200 million-dollar in federal stimulus grant money given to peco in 2009 was used to build that new transmission center. reporting live tonight alexandria hoff for cbs-3 eyewitness muse. "eyewitness news" at sheraton center city for a special ceremony. ten veterans graduated from the peco veterans training and program. this is the fifth grad to graduate from that program that provides a fresh start for homeless veterans. good evening everyone. traveling out and about during this rush hour will be thick with volume. you also have sun glare which will affect your commute.
5:39 pm
taking a look at the schuylkill expressway 76 westbound at city avenue, usual pocket you hit every day and it is there today this volume here ace affecting roosevelt boulevard. expect some delays as well as you commute into north bound direction from 76, and then traveling throughout broad street but take a look at things in new jersey this is admiral wilson boulevard toward ben franklin bridge. anyone trying to get into philadelphia using bedcy, been or walt you will fine traffic, so give yourself some more time n regard tour speed sensors we are in the teens and where we should be at during this rush hour. nineteen is what you are traveling on i-95, we have a phillies game in south philadelphia. a lot of folks are heading down to the ballpark. thirteen on your schuylkill. big time volume out of king of prussia and conshohocken and it will follow you your even your tire commute for sure northbound on the roosevelt boulevard we have a accident at grand avenue but no delays for broad street line catching the game tonight chris. vick tore, yeah thanks
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very much. bird flu is big and it is spreading, millions of bird have been destroyed so far, and several states as well. why it is important to be aware of this operation and to know it is not here. and, more productive at work if you were doing nothing. we will encourage you have boss. kathy? we are looking at a major cool down across the delaware valley, seems like it will feel more like march then mid to late april break it down with that weekend update coming up as "eyewitness news"
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well, business es are now bracing for is what being called mobile getan. when you google search something on your smart phone google will favor web sites that are mobile friendly and demote those that are not. so that means the companies who have not adapted their web sites, could see a big drop, in business. new research says that it is a good idea to walk on treadmills at work. researchers found people who walk on treadmills at their
5:44 pm
desk performed as well as those sitting on chairs. researchers found walkers did show slight decreases in processing attention and typing words per minute but that drop was not significant enough to out way health benefits. we have a chair for breaks. >> take a few. >> yes, all day. >> okay good now it is time for your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> reporter: april is stress awareness month according to the american psychological a association, more than a third of americans, including 40 percent of people here in pennsylvania, say they are living with stress. 60 percent report that work is the the source. the easiest place to begin reducing work-related stress may be in the the way you deal with e-mail, researchers have coined a term, tell i pressure to describe our urge to respond immediately to e-mails. according to a recent study these fixated employees had poor sleep quality and more
5:45 pm
likely to miss work for health reasons. not only your obsession of respond to go e-mail make you anxious but it could be hurting your productivity by becoming focused on instant responses. to ifs ter a healthier pattern ask your bod to clear expectation about response times. managers should spell out the exact deadline for their request. teams can set period during the day to go through e-mails. these small steps should help you reduce one stress inner your life. i'm jill schlesinger for
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costa rica has discovered a new species of frog, the glass frog, has skin so translucent you can see their organs. many people cannot help but note thinks new species bears a striking resemblance to one kermit the frog. the costa rica has a dense population with 201 species documented. wow. in weather we are looking at conditions that are very pleasant this afternoon. much different then yesterday at the this time. eyewitness weather watchers send nothing beautiful picture. this one drawing my attention from michael. little egg harbor township, a spring day that water definitely looks inviting.
5:49 pm
elsewhere one of our favorite place's long forbidden trail valley green inn looking great. you can ride your bike. get outdoors. the just enjoy sunshine and breezy conditions. it is also from paul, of course, you have to love lincoln university pennsylvania color laugh with the beautiful cherry blossoms. heading outside this evening it will be very comfortable enjoying those breezy conditions especially heading for phillies game. forecast for tonight calls for conditions that will be very nice out there take a look at the forecast, temperatures will be comfortable, as we continue to see them, falling, through the 60's during the the evening and into the the late night hours. on storm scan three look at this, we are looking at a few spotty showers developing through central pennsylvania, but losing them, after the day time heating. so they are diurnal, popping up in the afternoon and during the afternoon they will fade away. these will not make it into philadelphia the reason why is upper level le pressure system moving toward the region.
5:50 pm
we have a counterclockwise spin pulling down some cool air. the great lakes even seeing some snow showers, we will see some afternoon rain showers and a even a few rumbles of thunder, a a lot of cold air aloft creating this problem and then that also means that the possibility of some pea sized hail tomorrow afternoon and those showers. then it moves toward the the north with that cold air, digs down, toward the mid-atlantic. it will be noticeably cooler for thursday with temperatures only in the 50's and that cool air will stick around. here's future weather as temperatures will be cool overnight, tomorrow morning starting off in the 40's but we will have the sunshine, and then during the heat of the day we will see at in months fear warm and some showers and a few isolated thunderstorms popping up through the poconos by about noon time. it makes it in the northern and western suburbs in the afternoon. by 2:00 right along that i-95 corridor. pockets of yellow, heavier downpours and then by 5:00 o'clock it is really down the shore and clearing out. we will lose that day time heating between 7:00 and 8:00 with sunset and you can
5:51 pm
see everything fades away, as we move toward 9:00 p.m. as far as the amount of rain not a lot of rain associated with this front. it does create lift in the atmosphere. the as we look at our computer models, long range and short range between a tenth and .3 of an inch across the delaware valley expect. during overnight we will have a few cloud seasonably cool, overnight low temperature will be in the upper 40's. during the the day tomorrow looking for a breezy conditions and increasing cloud during the day a few afternoon showers some thunder showers and high temperature in the mid 60's. it will be gusty wind will gust to 30 miles an hour. now late tonight during the we hours of the morning and tomorrow we have a meteor shower debris from the comet thatcher radiating from the constellation, lyra. get a comfortable chair and look straight up. best viewing between midnight and 5:00 a.m. it will peak tomorrow morning through thursday morning around ten to 20 meteors per hour expect and overnight
5:52 pm
tonight, and even tomorrow night we should have some clear skies. on the the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, much cooler for thursday and friday, getting better over the weekend but temperatures staying below average in the 60's, right through that seven day forecast. on the healthwatch tonight, as the debate and questions over vaccines and autism continues there is a new study that has found in link between measles mumps rubell a vaccine and autism. 95,000 children were part of the study that examined whether each child had a family history of autism but even for children within this high risk category they found no association between the vaccine and autism. the study is new published in the journal of the american medical association. discovery of bird flu in iowa millions of hens must now be destroyed. highly infectious virus has been ravaging the poultry industry in the midwest since
5:53 pm
march. adrian a diaz has more. >> reporter: crewness protective suits washed down trucks as they left a commercial farm in iowa where n5n2 bird virus has been found. 3.8 million hens have to be destroyed. poultry farms across the midwest have been battling the latest out break for weeks. more than 2 million bird have will be already killed, minnesota a has had 28 turkey farms hit the but iowa out break is the biggest so far. >> it is important to know that there will be fewer eggs produced in the state of iowa. >> reporter: iowa is nation's largest egg producer, one in every five eggs consumed in the u.s. comes in the from the state and this pharma loan is home to 10 percent of iowa chickens. it is unclear, how the the the out break will affect egg prices. >> right now we don't see the lots are so large that we have seen a increase in prices but we don't know how this will play out.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: experts think wild bird are spreading the virus. while it is highly contagious and deadly for chickens and turkies health experts say the risk to humans is very low. in iowa, adrian a diaz for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a different kind of home coming for a hero. still ahead here an army veteran and his family received an unforgettable gift it is a house that is not only paid for but furnished. "eyewitness news" was there as family celebrates, their new home. stay with us.
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a man with muscular dystrophy has showed the world he is boston thong. miguel was final race participant to finish the line. his condition makes it very difficult for him to walk but he still soldered on for 20 hours, battling through thunderstorms, for the last few miles. he finished with 5:00 o'clock this morning to cheers from a loyal crowd of supporters. well done. >> yes. >> you may remember when we
5:58 pm
told you last fall about the local military family who had been surprised with a brand new home in south jersey. >> now their dream home is ready. "eyewitness news" in florence burlington county as they got a first look at their mortgage free fully furnished home all thanks to the posey group built to honor program and their partnership with operation finally home. >> they called me their hero but to me they are my, hero forgiving back to service member who have come back home injured and, you know, having a tough time transition ing. >> we will miss texas in fort hood but we came here. we are eagles fans. we brought demarco murray here for you you. >> see, they will fit in just fine. >> congratulations to them and enjoy that new home. it is beautiful. >> indeed. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> thousand at 6:00 only "eyewitness news" is on the scene after a disturbing find at a philadelphia school. what a first grade student was showing off in the lunchroom.
5:59 pm
also, shocked on the job a city worker is injured after coming in contact with an electrified pole. the tonight the i team is digging deeper to find some answers. kathy? temperatures plunging again after the of afternoon of thunder showers something we do not see much around here. we will take a look at the timing of that and what is to come as we head toward the weekend. plus, a scary scene in burlington county where a school bus, crashed into a house. now at 6:00 o'clock an "eyewitness news" exclusive a disturbing find, in a philadelphia school, as a first grader reportedly shows off packets of heroin, to classmates. tonight, investigators are trying to figure out where that child got those drugs. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is in west
6:00 pm
kensington with exclusive details. >> reporter: a letter was sent out to the parents of the other first graders writing in part, this letter is a reminder to please check your child's school bag every day and remove anything, that does not belong the at a school. today, one of your child's classmates a first grader brought an item to school that we believe is illegal it was during lunch that school officials say a first grader showed off drugs to his classmates. some of them noticed what was happening and then spoke up. >> we have two other first graders that actually acted quickly and net filed adults, one notified, a noon time aid that works in the lunchroom and other one notified a dare program school philadelphia police officer that was here for the dare program. >> reporter: police were notified in the special victims unit responding to the scene. they did take the first grader into their custody and will be handling the investigation moving forward. although the drugs appeared to be heroin further testing is needed to confirm that


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